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CCTV Inspection


Call IVIS Construction Inc. for CCTV Inspections in Edmonton, and elsewhere in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatachewan.

IVIS Construction Inc.’s team of qualified CCTV (closed circuit television) camera technicians can inspect main and lateral pipe lines. We can identify the exact location, depth, length type of pipe and any other underground infrastructure problem that may require attention. CCTV operators are PACP (Pipe Assessment Certification Program) certified, which ensures our clients receive standardized assessments of their underground systems. CCTV inspection services are ideal for the new construction quality evaluations, municipal drain reports or to diagnose issues that you may be experiencing.

  • CCTV Main Line Inspections Include The Following:

  • Camera inspections in lines 150mm – 1200mm ranging in lengths up to 500m
  • Steerable cameras that are able to manipulate bends in most larger diameter lines
  • PACP/MACP/LACP Certified
  • Remote access capable
  • CCTV Lateral Inspections Include The Following:

  • Camera inspection in lines 40mm – 200mm up to lengths of 120m in length
  • LAMP system capable of inspecting laterals from the main up to 35m, no inside access needed
  • Sonde capabilities pin-pointing lateral issues with above ground locating
  • Manhole and Culverts
  • Lift Stations
  • With Each CCTV Inspection Our Customers Receive:

  • A Choice of DVD or USB of the CCTV video inspection
  • Hard copy of the full report identifying the discrepancies
  • More Information on CCTV Inspection

  • Below lists the pipe diameter of lines that can accept a camera.
  • Residential
  • 1.5 in to 4 in
  • Commercial, Industrial and Municipalities
  • 6 in and up

CCTV Pipe Inspections are the best way to get concrete information about what’s going on in the various lines and underground system. IVIS Construction Inc. is based in Edmonton, Alberta,and also offers services to British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Contact us today for more information.

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