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Specialty Services

  • LRT underground tunnel

    High-Rail Services

    IVIS Construction Inc. has three High-Rail trucks that can service remote locations. We can service remote utility locations via rail without having to use hundreds of feet of hose from a distant road access.

  • High Rise clean and Flush

    High Rise Kitchen Stack & Garbage Chute Flushing

    High rise condo living comes with a number of convenience; however there are also certain risks that can arise in these types of buildings. We offer clients cleaning services for kitchen stacks and garbage chutes.

  • cc repairs

    CC Repairs

    IVIS Construction Inc. is able to repair curb cocks (also known as cc, cc valves and curb stops) for municipalities and contractors.

  • pipe bursting

    Pipe Bursting

    Pipe bursting is a well established trenchless method used to replace existing pipelines in the same alignment of the original pipe.

  • mandrel-testing

    Mandrel Rentals

    IVIS Construction Inc. rents out mandrel equipment for testing pipe deflection in PVC lines of 6 inches to 30 inches.

  • smoke testing

    Smoke Testing for Cross Connections

    IVIS Construction Inc. uses smoke testing to check from cross connections between sanitary and storm drains.

  • before and after of cleaned sewer pipes

    Custom & Other Services

    IVIS Construction Inc. offers custom work (restrictions may apply) to special cleaning of sewers.

  • cube

    Specialty Equipment

    At IVIS Construction Inc. we have a versatile collection of custom equipment for unusual projects and tricky conditions.

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