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High Rise Kitchen Stack & Garabage Chute Flush & Cleaning

High Rise Kitchen Stack Flush & Cleaning

High Rise Kitchen Stack Flushing

High rise condo living comes with a number of convenience; however there are also certain risks that can arise in these types of buildings. As people come and go, grease can build up in the kitchen stack, along with other blockages. Sluggish and clogged pipes will eventually lead to damage- causing backups that can cost thousands to repair or replace.

We offer clients cleaning services for kitchen stacks servicing the great Edmonton and surrounding areas. Taking the proactive approach will result in your draining system running like new for years to come.

  • A few benefits are:

  • Prevents grease from major build up.
  • Prevents flooding caused by backed up pipes.
  • Ensures free flowing drainage systems.
  • Eliminates the constant service calls.

We offer affordable solutions that are convenient for your building, your residents, and your management company.

High Rise Garbage Chutes

High Rise Garbage Chute

Whether it is tenants complaining about smells of garbage in the hallways and parking lots, or it be the rattling of bottles being dropped down the chute at all hours of the night, when you deal with garage there will always be issues with odors.

IVIS Construction Inc. offers clients with garbage chute cleaning service to aid in the maintenance of chutes.
We start by clearing any debris wet/dry from the chute and the collecting bin, then spray an odor absorbing environmentally friendly chemical down the chute, then insert our high pressure nozzle to finish the job.

  • A few benefits are:

  • Reduces odors
  • Top to bottom interior chute cleaning
  • Compactor cleaning
  • Garbage container cleaning
  • Kills insects, harmful bacteria and other micro organisms
  • Detours rodents, and other pests from coming around

We offer clients a cleaning service for garbage chutes servicing the greater Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our high pressure nozzles will remove buildup, wet or decaying garbage from the chute and is able to handle any job!

To arrange for high-rise kitchen stack or garbage chute services in Edmonton or elsewhere in Alberta, British Columbia or Saskatchewan, Contact Us today for more information!

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