CC Repairs

IVIS Construction is able to repair curb cocks (also known as CC, CC Valves, and Curb Cock) without the need for full scale excavation.

1. Water Distribution Control:

  • Curb cocks and curb valves are critical components in controlling the flow of water from the municipal supply to individual properties.
  • Repair ensures proper functionality, allowing for timely water shutoff and distribution control when needed.

2. Prevention of Water Wastage:

  • Leaking or malfunctioning curb valves can lead to water wastage and increased utility bills for property owners.
  • Repairing these components helps prevent unnecessary water loss and associated costs.

3. Emergency Response Readiness:

  • In emergency situations such as water line breaks or repairs, functioning curb valves are crucial for isolating the affected area and minimizing water supply disruptions.
  • Proper repair ensures that curb valves can be easily accessed and operated when needed.

4. Property Protection:

  • Well-maintained curb valves help prevent water damage to properties in the event of plumbing failures, leaks, or flooding.
  • Repair ensures that property owners can quickly shut off water to limit potential damage.

5. Compliance with Regulations:

  • Many local and municipal regulations require property owners to maintain and repair curb cocks and curb valves to ensure the integrity and functionality of water distribution systems.
  • Compliance with these regulations helps avoid legal issues and fines.

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