Pipe Patch Certified

IVIS Construction is certified to perform patch-repairs, designed to regain structure in badly damaged sections of pipe and reduce or eliminate infiltration.

1. Cost-Effective Rehabilitation:

  • Pipe patches provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe replacement, saving on excavation and material costs.
  • They allow for the repair of specific damaged areas, reducing the overall project expenses.

2. Minimization of Infiltration:

  • Pipe patches seal cracks, fractures, and other defects in pipes, preventing the infiltration of groundwater and soil into the sewer or stormwater system.
  • Reducing infiltration helps maintain the hydraulic capacity of the system and avoids overloading treatment plants.

3. Quick and Efficient Repairs:

  • Pipe patching is a relatively fast and non-disruptive repair method, minimizing downtime and disruptions to traffic and communities.
  • It is especially advantageous for emergency repairs.

4. Environmental Benefits:

  • By preventing infiltration and maintaining system integrity, pipe patches contribute to environmental protection by reducing the risk of sanitary sewer overflows and contamination of water bodies.

5. Extended Service Life:

  • Pipe patches extend the service life of pipes by reinforcing damaged areas, making them more durable and resistant to future issues.
  • This helps defer the need for costly full pipe replacements.

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