Inside every pipe, a blockage could be waiting. When left alone, these blockages can result in significant pipe damage – costing you more to replace the pipes rather than fix them. IVIS Inc.’s CCTV sewer inspection service helps avoid issues by identifying problem areas quickly. 

More often than not, pipes are not easily accessible. Covered by walls, layers of dirt, and other above or below-ground structures, the amount of work involved in just looking at the pipes can be a big task. 

What’s more, it may not be immediately evident that there’s a problem with the pipes. At first, it may appear as a slow drain before it becomes fully clogged, which can evolve into a more significant, costly issue. 

Our CCTV inspection services allows you to look into potential issues without paying for expensive, disruptive diagnostics. If you’re new to CCTV inspections, here’s everything you need to know about how this non-invasive tool gets to the root of the problem. 

What Is CCTV Sewer Inspection?

CCTV inspection uses a closed-circuit television camera to view and assess pipe damage. It helps to identify the location, length, depth, and types of pipes and any additional underground infrastructure. All things that can’t be seen underground by the human eye!

Instead of resorting to immediate excavation or removal of any structural materials, CCTV inspection allows you to determine the cause first, which makes it an attractive, low-cost, and low-maintenance option for property owners. 

After diagnosing the issue with the CCTV camera, the site remains undisturbed. Then, the owner can proceed with the proper repairs at their leisure.

How CCTV Sewer Inspection Works:

When IVIS Inc. performs a CCTV inspection, we capture high-quality images and video via special CCTV camera equipment, which then feeds that in real-time to a computer. Our operator can then review and reference the information while making any repairs. 

Within only a few moments, CCTV technology can help our operators and owners alike quickly gain knowledge of any issues or objects concerning the pipes. Rather than jump ahead to heavy-duty excavation or digging, our operators can detect the cause of the problem and then spring into action – this saves time, money, and hassle! 

What Causes Blocked Main and Lateral Pipelines?

The time of year has a significant impact on blockages. Spring weather can produce debris, cause shifting soil, and see infiltrating roots. Moving soil, in particular, can cause sewer lines to sag, and waste will then collect in the sagging area. 

Old pipes can collapse over time, mostly due to corrosion. Additionally, some sewer lines made with clay or other porous materials degrade, and the connections aren’t as tight.

Inside, what goes down the drain can also affect pipes. For example, grease build-up from pouring fats and oils down the sink can lead to blockages and raw sewage overflow.

Why Choose Ivis Construction?

For over 25 years, our solution-oriented team has striven to provide our customers with exemplary, expert service. Our expertise has earned us recognition as a leader in underground infrastructure and sewer repair and maintenance. 

Whatever the reason for your blocked pipes, it’s a pretty significant disruption! The best solution is to get the Ivis Construction team involved as soon as possible. Our CCTV sewer camera experts will quickly identify the source of the blockage and give our recommendations for repair, so you can get back to normal!

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