The plumbing in a house is designed to fulfill a wide variety of uses, utilizing a foray of pipes, valves, and tubing to get the job down. The two that most people are more aware of are the waterline and the sewer line.

What most people aren’t aware of is that while the two systems are intertwined, at no point do they ever actually meet.

What is a (potable) Waterline?

The waterline is piping that runs from the water main into the house which supplies water usage.  The water from a potable waterline is safe for general use, such as watering plants or drinking. Another difference is that the water in the pipes is pressurized.

What is a Sewer Line?

A sewer line is something the everyday homeowners are probably aware of. It transports wastewater from the house to below ground sewer mains. Everything that goes down the sink drain or gets flushed eventually ends up traveling through these pipes. It is not a pressurized system and is instead gravity fed.

The major differences between a Sewer Line and a Waterline

There are not a significant number of differences between a water line and a sewer line. However, the few differences that do exist between the two systems are themselves rather significant.

Potable Waterline:

  • Carries clean fresh Water
  • Pressurized
  • Comes from the Water main or Meter

Sewer Line:

  • Carries water waste
  • Gravity fed
  • Leads away from the house to the underground Sewer Main

Contact IVIS for Sewer/Water Line Maintenance

Waterlines and sewer lines are both susceptible to a variety of issues, ranging from cracks in the pipes to clogs.  If you suspect there might be any sort of problem with your pipes, don’t hesitate to contact IVIS Inc. Small problems can escalate if left alone for any amount of time, and can easily turn from a quick fix to a huge mess.

IVIS Inc. is here to ensure that the latter doesn’t happen, and a problem of any kind can be repaired immediately and with the utmost professionalism. For additional information on this service and others that we provide, or to find out how we may be of service, contact us at 1-866-976-2626, or visit our contact page.