There are a few things all Edmontonians can agree on—one of those being the fact that we have some of the most brutal winters out there. 

Yet, even in cold weather, the Ivis team has tools and systems we can rely on to get the job done, no matter the conditions.

Hydro flushing is one of those tools that Ivis counts on the most. A functioning plumbing system is a necessity, and we’re quickly reminded of it anytime there’s a clogged drain. With hydro flushing, we can power through any blockages to ensure everything is in working order once again.

If you’re new to hydro flushing, here are the amazing benefits of the highly effective tool and how you can utilize it for your home or business.

What is Hydro Flushing?

Hydro flushing cleans and removes debris from underground pipes by using highly pressurized water. With a VAC-CON® combo unit, one of our team members will push the specialized hose into the pipe. A pressurized jet stream pushes through the hose, forcing the water up and dislodging debris.

The overall process is speedy and straightforward. It’s effective for manholes, frozen pipes, grease and sludge, mineral build-up, clogged lines, and tree and root debris.

The Benefits of Hydro Flushing

Fast and Effective

Compared to drilling into the line externally, hydro flushing is much faster and easier to do. In one quick visit, you can have your plumbing in complete working order again—no digging or demolition required! 

For both commercial and residential use, hydro flushing solves most problems immediately. If you’ve had issues with other fixes in the past, hydro flushing works every time. 


Our team members can control the water pressure from high to low depending on the pipe and situation. Low pressure works well for older pipes since we can gently remove the debris without stressing out the aged pipes and making them weaker. 

Hydro flushing doesn’t require tons of tools or harsh chemicals, and there’s never a need to dig things up. Overall, the impact on the existing infrastructure is next to none. 


Hydro flushing is the most inexpensive solution compared to drilling into the line externally or DIY repairs like chemicals. The process is a quick in and out, which means less workforce and time to lower the overall bill. We all know how costly emergencies can get, so the faster things get sorted, the better for the wallet.

The effects are long-lasting, meaning you won’t need to hire someone again to make repairs often. Hydro flushing can also extend the life of older pipes, saving you from spending money on replacements. 

Year-Round Access

Even in the dead of Edmonton’s winter, we can access underground pipes. Since there’s no need to dig and the water is heated, hydro flushing can work even when it’s cold out. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to deal with frozen pipes.

Sewer flushing is also possible after storms when the pipes become clogged with roots and debris.

Long Lasting

Since hydro flushing is so effective, there won’t be another blockage for a long time. It leaves no debris behind, unlike other methods, such as snaking or chemicals, which are temporary fixes. Many companies and homeowners even use hydro flushing as a preventative tool.

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