Whether you are a property manager, head of the condo association board or a condo owner, it is imperative you understand the importance of kitchen stack cleaning. With all of the gunk, grime and even trash people put down their kitchen sinks, neglecting proper maintenance of kitchen stacks could lead to costly repairs later on.

Why Kitchen Stack Cleaning Is Important

Kitchen stack cleaning involves high pressure flushing of the kitchen stacks. This is done by professional sewer contractors and is highly recommended to be implemented into an annual maintenance program. In condos and high-rise apartments, everyone shares the same main sewer line, so when condo owners flush the liquid waste down their kitchen drains such as grease, food particles, and cleaning products that waste builds up.

Neglecting proper maintenance of kitchen stacks could lead to severe sewer backups and blockages which can be costly to clean up or repair.

Tips For Keeping Kitchen Stacks Clean

While it is impossible to control every resident in your condo or apartment complex, there are still things you can do to limit draining issues such as:

  • Instructing tenants and owners how to properly dispose of their waste. Discourage putting grease and food particles down the drain, since these can build up over time.
  • Have tenants clean their kitchen pipes regularly using baking soda and vinegar; this is an all-natural, safe cleaner.
  • Have residents lookout for signs of sewage backup. If a resident notices their kitchen sink is backing up or clogging frequently, they should notify management right away for diagnostics and repair.
  • By using drains responsibly, residents can ensure that condos association fees do not increase because of high maintenance and repair issues.