This frozen ground is tough on expensive construction equipment – whether you’re building a new commercial property, renovating, or staring down the barrel of those of heavy-duty chores, traditional digging is, for the most part, on hold during these frigid Alberta months. 

This doesn’t change the fact that Edmonton is a hub for small and large developments, and construction deadlines don’t stop because the temperature drops. 

So, the question is: Can I dig in the winter? Yes. Many forward-thinking contractors offer hydro excavation services in Edmonton, and we’ll discuss how you can do everything from clear construction clutter to dig a trench with this powerful water-based excavation method. 

Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation:

  • Lower cost than traditional excavation or digging methods
  • No moving parts reduced chance of mechanical failure
  • Precise and accurate with easier cleanup
  • Low intensity and minimally invasive
  • Safer than traditional digging methods
  • A hot water option for cold weather

Common Uses for Hydro Excavation Services in Edmonton

In a nutshell, hot pressurized water softens and mixes with the ground which creates a slurry that is fed through a large hose into a large tank located on the back of a specially designated hydro-vac excavator truck. 

Let’s break down some tasks that hydro excavator trucks are commonly used for:

  • Debris removal 

Construction debris can be a pain to clean up after. After the job is done, most traditional methods of excavation require a separate truck to load the debris into. Not only is this a significant time-waster, but it’s also very hard work for employees. 

Hydro excavators use suction to clear away debris, which is considerably faster and less messy. 

  • Cold weather digging

Don’t let the iron days of winter ruin your traditional excavation equipment! Hot, highly pressurized water combined with powerful suction makes cold weather digging jobs a breeze. 

  • Sign and pole install

Delicacy and efficiency are the names of the game here. Hydro excavators are highly precise, usually equipped with a handheld wand that allows for quick digging. This is ideal for signs and poles – and cuts the job time in half to boot. 

  • Ground and slot trenching

Slot trenching is key for laying down piping or cables for underground utility lines. The precise hydro excavator hand tool easily slices thin, efficient lines – without a big mess. Plus, the delicacy of hydro excavation helps mitigate the risk of damage to existing surrounding lines.

  • Daylighting or uncovering buried utility lines or infrastructure

Oversimplified, daylighting is essentially the reverse of slot trenching. Depending on the job, underground utility lines may need to be moved, repaired, or cleaned – and the precision of a hydrovac excavator is what’s needed for the task. 

IVIS Construction – Edmonton’s Hydrovac Experts

Finding quality hydro excavation services in Edmonton doesn’t have to be difficult. From clearing construction clutter to pothole repair to utility line removal or installation – the team at IVIS Construction has your project under control.

Our team proudly operates a sizable fleet of VAC-CON Combo units. From municipal to commercial and everything in between – one of our trucks is ready to tackle jobs even on the coldest of Albertan days.

IVIS Construction is ready to help! Have questions? Need a quote? We’re just a click or call away. Call us at (780) 476-2626 or fill out our convenient online contact form!