Winter is coming, Edmonton – but that doesn’t mean construction work stops, especially for companies who use hydrovac excavation.

Hydrovac excavation is a less invasive way of removing soil, locating underground infrastructure, and removing debris. How? With highly pressurized water.

Finding the right hydrovac excavation services in Edmonton doesn’t have to be a chore, but there are a few factors you should weigh in the balance before selecting your contractor. 

Let’s dive into a few of them:

Consider Cost Vs. Value

It’s common in the construction world to award the project to the lowest bidder. After all, if a company says they can do it for pennies and another company wants nickels – it’s a clear choice, right? Not so fast. 

While this might be common practice, it’s important to look at the value of the work you’ll receive on your project versus the cost you’ll pay for quality hydrovac excavation services in Edmonton.

A contractor with better value will guarantee their work, have proper licensing in place, respectful employees with up-to-date training, and the appropriate experience and insurance coverage. 

Drill Down On Your Needs

Be clear on what your project requires. Some excavation companies may only perform residential work, specialize in specific projects, and will have different types of excavation equipment than what your project calls for. 

Clarity on this portion ensures there are no miscommunications and that the project will be done efficiently. 

Get A Detailed Quote

If you need hydrovac services for a commercial or municipal project, you will likely receive bidders instead of seeking out quotes yourself. This puts you at an advantage, as the pricing leg work is done for you, and you’ll have some form of bid security in the process. 

Depending on how the project is structured, hydrovac excavation services in Edmonton will submit a bid bond, a letter of credit, or certified money order. These documents function as a guarantee that the company is financially ‘good for it’ and that the job will be completed promptly. 

Residential or independent jobs require you to source quotes yourself. Be sure to request a complete estimate with a breakdown of labour hours, start and end dates, and required equipment. 

Research Each Company

Look into online reviews and social media chatter to get an unbiased look at how previous customers feel about the companies on your shortlist. 

A reputable company will be happy to provide you with photos, footage, or case studies for previous clients. In that vein, they should also be willing to promptly provide proof of insurance as well as relevant licensing and certifications.

IVIS Construction – Expert Hydrovac Services in Edmonton

Whether it’s daylighting, a pothole repair, or trenching – the team at IVIS Construction has your project covered. 

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