The Benefits of Hydro Flushing

There are a few things all Edmontonians can agree on—one of those being the fact that we have some of the most brutal winters out there.  Yet, even in cold weather, the Ivis team has tools and systems we can rely on to get the job done, no matter the… Read More

How Utility Line Location & Hydrovac Excavation Work Together

Is it time to replace old, rusty pipes? Or maybe a new, faster data cable will be heading into the community. Utility lines are everywhere in large cities like Edmonton, and not all of them have been identified or mapped for easy fixes and digging. While things are beginning to… Read More

Call Before You Dig: All The Reasons Why 

IVIS Construction: The Right People, The Right Equipment, The Right Choice With late spring comes those long-awaited renovation projects – and with renovation often comes digging. Whether you’re looking to plant a few trees, dig a new garden, install a fresh deck, or power a new utility shed –… Read More

5 Safety Practices Used In The Infrastructure Industry

While mechanical plumbing might not have the same safety connotations as fighting fires, coal mining, or scaffolding – it does come with its risks,  We’re committed to maintaining a strong safety culture at IVIS Construction. This includes thorough orientation training and various equipment and process-oriented certification programs, job site hazard… Read More