Septic tanks, believe it or not, are intelligent systems that rely on a balance of scum, effluent, and sludge. When you put stuff down the drains of your home – toilets, showers, laundry machines, etc., it flows into the septic tank where solids are intercepted and allowed to settle before the disposal of the wastewater. When your septic tank starts to build-up with sludge, it will reduce the efficiency of your tank, and possibly lead to a backup. A septic tank inspection done at regular intervals can nip this problem in the bud.

Septic Tank Problems and Solutions

Your home’s septic tank must be cleaned annually to remove any excess build-up and prevent a backup. However, there are times you can have septic tank problems in between your annual cleanings. Some of the most common septic tank problems are:

  • Sludge Buildup – If you do not perform regular annual maintenance on your septic tank, you will encounter heavy sludge buildup. This will prevent the septic tank from moving the wastewater out efficiently and often causes it to back up on your lawn, or worse, into your basement! Do not skip annual pumping appointments.
  • Blockage in the House – Sometimes the blockage is not in the tank; instead, it is in a line in the house. Clogged stacks can force drains to move slowly. You will need a pipe inspection to locate the blockage in your home’s sewer line and flush it out.
  • Blockage between House and Septic Tank – This often occurs when a pipe has broken or been penetrated by tree roots. Have a professional inspect the line. You may need to remove tree roots and repair the line or replace the broken one.
  • Anaerobic Bacteria This bacterium thrives in no oxygen and creates a slime that blocks the soakaway or dry well. As a result, it makes your septic tank’s soil-less porous.  To help resolve these issues, IVIS Inc. offers Bio Clean to aid with the maintenance of Kitchen sinks, Lavatories, Bath Tubs, Showers, Floor drains, Septic Tanks and field drains, Garbage disposal odors, grease traps, sewage ejector pumps, and Lift Stations. (The typical time period between cleanings is every 4 years, but with the monthly use of Bio clean treatments the time period will increase on average by 3 years)

Get a Professional Septic Tank Inspection Today

IVIS Inc. offers CCTV pipe inspections for residential septic tanks. We can help diagnose the problem with your backed up or sluggish septic tank system. If required, our team can use a HydroVac to flush the problem out and get your septic tank working properly again.

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